Electric Turbo Whitepaper | A key Technology for EU7

Garrett Motion – Electric & Hybrid Technologies

The Automotive world is undoubtedly in a period of flux. Urban Air Quality and Climate Change are the key drivers and new technologies such Zero Emission, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles are causing significant changes in the mobility landscape. Full Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are growing quickly on a percentile basis but require significant monetary and “in kind” incentivization such as preferential city access, parking and exemption from Life Cycle CO2 counting, to stimulate adoption, at least in the short term.

Legislation is also evolving rapidly. Real Driving Emission (RDE), the Clean Vehicle Directive (CVD), CO2 monitoring and the still to be published Euro 7 emission targets are being designed to transition the European fleet to one that can be measured and monitored firstly in terms of real world emission and ultimately in Life cycle CO2 footprint.

Electrifying a turbocharger removes the constraint of needing a small turbine with excellent efficiency to drive the compressor at low flow rates. Instead, it allows us to right size the turbine for Lambda 1 rated power. Any penalty in inertia can be more than compensated for by an E-Motor and the addition of a wide range Compressor can result in both improving low-end and stretching high-end performance simultaneously.